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 Word from Roots

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PostSubject: Word from Roots   Fri Feb 23, 2007 5:49 pm

Alrite this is from Roots from Inevitable Fate. He posted this 2x on the forums but Jeremy deleted it then suspended him for 30 minutes. I think he tried a 3rd time but that got deleted to. So he says to spread this to other clans and what not who arent fat (meph if your reading this, hit the X button on the top right for pancakes).Also some of the bold parts are out, im to lazy to put the bold back in so.. Anyways, here it is.

I've been on this server around 2-3 months... when Revenge and Extreem went down due to FBI closures our groupe decided to join one of my RL friends on this server, which seemed pretty sweet at first.

Last changes have pumeled the new guyz and im having a tuff time keeping my clan togheter since all the new guys want to leave. This server which is supposed to be a PvP server and is advertised as x25 but rates are too harsh and force new players to donate or reroll 5 times to get decent gear. There is a huge gap between old players and new players and the last changes have consolidated this even more!!

-Economy is screwed up by the high reward of donations... you say nothing is given for donations but all know that not true. When you donate 1$ you get 2 mana drugs. Thus with the last changes to the server 1 mana drug is now worth 3KK adena if you take the time to sell your AA. Now you have people donating 20$, thus getting 40 M.D. worth 12,000,000,000 adena... 6 times the allowed amount you can hold in your inventory. This means prices have sky rocketed because why sell your arcana mace for 1KKK (wich is its real value on any official server), when you can get 90 mana drugs for it. Not sure how much AA people are asking for it these days, but go on and look at market prices. On iso when a new player starts, by the time he gets to lvl 75 there is a good chance that he will still in B grade. unless he donated to have as much money as those who boosted the prices. How do you fix this? I dont think you can... First thing to do is put an end to the double donation period... and lower the market value of MD by modifying the cat AA/adena exchance rate. And finally and most importantly, raise the adena drop rate to reflect current inflation.

-The over enchanted weapon fiasko. Everyone knows that alot of the +16 weapons that where running around the server, where done using an exploite prior to C4. This has been admited to by GMs in different treads like the "TAKE MANA DRUGS OFF OF CAT QUEEN" ( page 5 of 7). So they then de-enchated these weapons giving huge amounts of MD to the cheaters that used exploits a couple of months back. Dont you think its strange that instead of banning players for cheating they over compensate them? So here you have players with 2000MD (worth between 300KKK and 600KKK... Enough to buy equipe 2 full alliance in S grade on official server). This same guy then complains that he lost most of it trying to make Sgrade+16... Soo how did he make these 2 +16 he had in the first place?? He certainly didnt farm 600KKK. How do you fix this... You cant now... Either roll back 2 months, wipe or let it slide so that not everyone has to pay for this! How should it have been handled... lower enchantment to +6 and give a certain number of blessed EWS... if this person want to make it by luck then go for it... but with todays rates making a +16 S-grade is almost impossible, and no new player could ever aspire to have one. Even the +10 weapons they where allowed to keep are over powered by todays standards.

-Boss jewels screw up the balance, yet no one that doesnt have them can get em. Those that have them complain if other get any chance of getting them. If you still do not know what they do, go to to see the list of 5 boss jewels most of BP have that you me and all other will never have. Originaly, the cat queen started to have them at 105 MD, and this is when most donaters got their hands on them. Donation rate was 3MD-1$. Even none donators had a chance at them back then since price wasnt too harshé This was raised to 210 without to much complaint. But then 4 magor changes to the economy:

1- none tradeable MD
2- MD can be sold for 150KK or 7.5AA
3- npc buy AA at 20a
4- Double-ing the prices of boss jewels (also raising price of certain recepies)

Where it was possible to buy MD for 110KK, now donators can sell to the cat for 150KK! So now instead of buying MD for 110KK I must collect 7.5KK AA. You also made AA sellable at any NPC for 20adena, making the buy/sell market raise to around 35-40 adena.

Just before i got here: 100KK (a) x 105 = 10.5KKK (multiply this by 5 for full set 52.5KKK)
2 weeks ago: 110KK (a) x 210 (MD) = 23KKK (multiply this by 5 for full set = 115KKK)
Now: 35 (a) x 7.5KK (AA) x 420 (MD) = 110.5KKK (multiply this by 5 for full set 552.5KKK)

552.5 / 115 x 100% = 480% more expensive now compared to 2 weeks ago
552.5 / 52.5 x 100% = 1052% higher now then when they where implemented

People complained that bossjewels where ruining the game on this server because it greatly put some people at a dissadvantage. Logical choises would have been: take em out, or make them more accessible. If all have boss jewels then no one is at a dissadvantage. Instead those who had them keep em, and those that dont will never be able to get them! The few that have them will flame me now by saying one of 4 things:

1- Go raid and get them: antaras and valaskas have yet to be defeated on iso... so now whole clan/ally must get toguether and kill it over and over... this is impossible!

2- Go farm the AA in cata/necro: In a good party I can farm 4-5KK adena an hour... So the 3150KK AA needed for 1 boss jewel would take 600+ hours. (multiply that by 5 for full set)

3- Donate and buy some: 210$ for each boss jewel, 1050$ for full set... get real this is a private server that can wipe or close down at any day it chooses.

4- They dont make a big difference: Well i can read the stats... If they dont make a huge difference then no one would mind if you take em away... if they do make a difference then why arent they accessible to all.

-Alot of the GMs in BP. This comment is in itself a statement. I do not have anything against the GMs being hand picked in the gaming community, it is like this on any server. But when most of them are in the same clan, this raises alot of concerne especially when this clan dominates the server. Like BP having inside information about what is to come and how to take advantage of it. When i complain about a BP who is flagrently dual boxing, and i tell a GM who happens to be in BP without me knowing it... well not much is gonna happen. This also raises concern about item spawning and other such possible events (humans are greedy). Not to mention if there are changes to be made (such as the boss jewel price) they have great influence. No one would deny that the only clan that this change benefited was DarkEmpire. A funny coincedense is how server didnt switch to C5 skills until all BP where rerolled their necros to archers. BP try there best to terrorise the server... spawn kill on a daily, kill low lvls in FG and cruma. This is the kind of noble player that you want as GMs on this server?? Only way this can make sence is BP PKing lowbies for the purpose of lowbies hating BP and start to donate to get back at them ASAP! Thus having overpowered goons makes sence finantially and boosts donations.

- These words to Jeremy: your server is very stable and probably the less lag i've ever experienced in 3 years of playing L2 on different servers. You implemented some good things here and work hard for server. I beg that you turn back the MD changes and try working towards making this server an equal playing field. This is advertised as a x25 server (PvP), and not a 3x (grindfest) where it should take a long time to get equiped. After 2 months here i should be able to get whatever the other guyz have and thus victory is about skill. Also to compensate for the crazy economy, consider raising the adena drop rate by at least 3-5 times.

- These words to all players who want change: On monday the 26th, I ask that you do not log if you want to show that your also feal the same way i do. If BP are alone on this server for next monday, maybe they'll see that a server all by themselves can be borring. Do not even login to see if its working... Jeremy needs to see that a majority of us like the servers but not the recent changes. So find something to do: rent a movie, get a date, go out for a beer... If you cant stay away for 1 day, then that means you dont mind everything i just mentioned. Maybe you think server doesnt care about us and new guys will come replace us all and donate as we did... we are replacable. Guess its time to find out if server loves us as much as we love it. Not asking to leave server, just take one day off to show your support for some change helping new players close the gap.
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PostSubject: Re: Word from Roots   Fri Feb 23, 2007 9:11 pm

Dawm, mike beat me to it! I would have done the bolds and italic... its a simple cut and past. Some of these comments of course cant be prooven, and some of it might be wrong. But seems there is enough truth in it that instead of defending themselves in a tread, they'd rather just make it go away. Im open to flame, and to say i am wrong if proven so... but for now i stand by my post.

If i get banned for this post so be it, but i just hope it gets to as many eyes as it takes to help make isogames a better place for newbs and friends i leave behind once the dust settles.
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PostSubject: Re: Word from Roots   Fri Feb 23, 2007 9:49 pm

I just find some points without suffisant arguments, like BP = GM. Maybe they need more proof for that, in order to get your voice enforced.

But, i feel agree with most of the points.

°o° Chestnut spread and Pancakes : Youm Youm °o°

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Duck !

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PostSubject: Re: Word from Roots   Sat Feb 24, 2007 12:30 am

btw u dont need to donate to have boss jwls, go kill red BP XD and they drop Razz
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Number of posts : 216
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Localisation : Montreal
Registration date : 2007-02-23

PostSubject: Re: Word from Roots   Sat Feb 24, 2007 1:07 am

Thanks mephouse for the constructive criticism. Ill make sure to edit the BP=GM part to tone it down a bit, or check my sources for actual GM names that are in BP or put in more doupt and coincidences.

And I'm not banned yet, at least not from the forum... so all is not lost. So, see you ingame over the weekend.... Ill go red BP hunting! Very Happy
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Gordita xD
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PostSubject: Re: Word from Roots   Sat Feb 24, 2007 5:50 am

well I do know some GMs and their chars

Majestic GM = maikala, 4ever2gether clan
Arcana GM = zzara , 4 ever together clan
Avadon GM = Lua , Goldendawn clan

about the other GMs some of them dont play on server anymore
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PostSubject: Re: Word from Roots   

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Word from Roots
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