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PostSubject: TheMagician   Tue Oct 02, 2007 6:08 pm

Hello my dear dear alliancemembers,

As everyone here almost told a little story about themselves, I'm going to do the same.

Once upon a time, about one year ago, there were 2 good friends of mine who played Lineage II on isogames. Some of you know them, some of you don't. GJ, the one most of you know as an ex-member of Angelic (now he has problems with the new Interludeclient), gave me a dvd with Lineage II on. I decided to install the game and I made my first character ... Ppl, please welcome ... Orinoco, a fat green ugly orc.

As my friends leveled me for days, yes it was a vacation, I came to the point of lvl 40! We were total noobs back then who played without any buffs, without any pots (didn't even know about greater pots!). We had a lot of fun killing big trees in EV with the 3 of us (GJ, Roran/Terva/Lasher and me). All we did on school was talk about Lineage II, and comparing our fellow students, and teachers of course, with mobs on Lineage II. Quite funny though.

Anyway, since we had so much fun another friend of us started to play on Lineage II. He made him a summoner named Mateii. Now we were 4 noobs playing without buffs, and still killing the ownage trees in EV. I decided to give up my Orc and started a DE archer. My friends leveled me again, and I got to A-grade with the archer. GJ and Roran were a bit tired of leveling me and Mateii though, and since Mateii was too lazy to go get him some spellbooks he decided to remake a char, the one and only ferox (ex-member of Angelic and deluXe). GJ and Roran quitted playing, and me and ferox leveled together.

I was an unbuffed archer and I soon found out he was quite worthless, so I began playing my orc again. Good game Stef. We continued the leveling and when we were both a-grade (me and ferox) we ran into a party of Angelic, the first time I met kyrill, remko, sas, han, robert, ... And good god, most of them spoke Dutch! Like really nice!

I soon got better on my orc and started to recruit ppl into Angelic. We made a clan with mostly Dutch people. BookaBabe wanted to make a dutchspeaking clan too, but we convinced him to join Angelic with all the members (hydar, odina, ulthuan, Lifecatcher, ...). Though, they left quite soon to join Demigods, Meow or whatever. Me and ferox stayed with Angelic.

Since we wanted to take a castle, we joined an alliance with Seraphims (old clan of Astarielle), which we called HeavensWrath. We were too small though to make any difference in a siege and got owned from time to time. Me and Lifecatcher were sick and tired about getting killed all the time with our fighters in sieges so we decided to make necro's (respectively TheMagician and DuDDits). We leveled together and got a-grade in no time. Klaytos (the man in red) hooked me up with a-grade set, which I traded for DC robe set soon with Dani. Once I finished my quest as soultaker, it was time for the big merging with deluXerage. We united Angelic, Seraphims and deluXerage again (since it was one big clan before) to deluXe, and joined Meow and Abysmal in Essence.

All of you know what happend later, we fell apart again and remade Angelic, and afterwards we merged again with 2 other clans, Abysmal and Meow. So now I fight for the honour of Abysmal and Essence.

Picture :


Our trip to Turkey with friends. From left to right :
GJ, me, Wendy, Vince, Jolien and behind the camera (who you obviously don't see) Steffi


A party in school to celebrate our last 100 days on highschool. We were a bit drunk and painted our hair. From left to right again :
Me, Sofie and Tim
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PostSubject: Re: TheMagician   Tue Oct 02, 2007 7:11 pm

cheers cheers cheers

o Chestnut spread and Pancakes : Youm Youm o

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