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 Dark Brotherhood

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PostSubject: Dark Brotherhood   Tue May 22, 2007 2:53 pm

Hi everybody!
We've just re-established our lvl5 clan the Dark Brotherhood! We gathered 27 people in 2 days, but the recruiting is also in progress now! The Dark Brotherhood has characters between lvl 50 and lvl 76, but most characters are above lvl 60. Because this is a re-newed clan, it needs a lot of xp and a lot of items, but it is very enthusiastic as well! There are always a lot of characters online all over the world (Poland, Greece, Hungary, etc.)!
I think when we attain a big headcount, we'll dismiss the inactive players and recruiting others, until we obtain the clan's player limit!
If you need, we're happy to aid you in raids, boss-killing, if you want!
So, if you're intrested, then write!!
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Brotherhood   Tue May 22, 2007 3:17 pm

Hello and welcome here.

I'll expain a little that for the ally. Pensia, the FatDwarf of my clan told me that one of his friend, Chriss, wanted to find an ally. I told him to come here, and explain a little more his clan to everybody present here.

So, for me and like always, i don't really care of lvl of your peeps. I just want peiople who want to work with the ally, help it in consequence, and be helped tho. I would like people who listen and don't do everything of his own side. In a way, be mature and act in this way. I don't really like to have only some persons who give orders sometimes, but, we are aware that we need to listen some people to be efficient. I dont want a zerg with people who don't give a shit about the ally, we are humans hehe, so, that's my point, we aren't animals who insult and flame everywhere.

So, play for fun, be mature, listen people, speak english hehe, help ally, be helped, like pvp Very Happy

Diplomacy point now, i don't really know Dark Brotherhood's position. Our ally is ennemy of FearFactory / Fenix / Deathrow / Pokemons. We have like friendly ally Opposition, old Livetowin ally. So, you'll have to be aware that you'll get in WARRRRRR with the ally Razz

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Dark Brotherhood
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